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Mailing list

Mailing list  

This list is for any and all ABRELL family members around the world,
in order to better communicate with each other.
There are many Abrells around the world - in Germany, France, the
U.S., South America and some other countries. However, the name is fairly
uncommon, so most of us probably share some common ancestors. Several Abrells
have traced their ancestry to the 1600's and have compiled extensive family
trees. Through this list, we hope that many of the family members can get to
know each other better and possibly find some common links in the family too.
You can join this list by going to the following web page:
and got to Subscribe
This is a moderated list, so pending the moderators approval. Then you can
send mails to to all the members of the list at one time.




  BRAZIL - Brasilien

Name Town email
Eduardo Entrebato 
son of Katharina Abrell
Santa Catarina   old: (324 Byte)


  FRANCE - Frankreich

Name Town email
son of Christiane Abrell 
Paris YVMARTINET@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)

  GERMANY  - Deutschland
Name Town email / online ? / netphone / homepage
Barbara München babr@TRAXXX.DEorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Claus  Frankfurt
icq 851104
Daniel and Irmela Stuttgart
and Susanne
Information Technology Manager
orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
 icq 563837
AOL  DiAbrell
                        Netmeeting at:

traces his family from Hans Abrell, 1637 -1689 near Memmingen

Dominik Köln
Fritz Balingen  Abrell1@web.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Günther Neuhausen orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
AOL bisi02
and Christine, son Dominik, daughter Carolin
Siegen fam.abrell-siegen@t-online.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)

Dominik@Abrell.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)

Herbert Köln orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Joachim Berlin abrell@berlin.snafu.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Karin Olching bei München
Markus Weiler im Allgäu Markus@Abrell.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Peter Peter.Abrell@bnro.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Richard Hannover Richard_Abrell@t-online.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Walter Walter.Abrell@spk-mm-mn.s-world.deorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Walter Memmingen formerly:: orangblt.gif (324 Byte)


  Indien - India

Name Town email
and Beate, daughters Anna, Adele, son Leonard
  orangblt.gif (324 Byte) and orangblt.gif (324 Byte)


  Sweden - Schweden

Name Town email
Lars   lars.e.abrell@telia.seorangblt.gif (324 Byte)


  Switzerland - Schweiz

Name Town email
Siegfried (Siggi)  Schönenbaumgarten sabrell@bluewin.chorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
icq 19462668

United States of America
Name State Town email / online ? / netphone / homepage
JoAnn AZ Scottsdale
Brad CA Los Angeles, BAbrell@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Brian Yorktown
icq 2781961 
Elan Louis CA Santa Cruz,  elan@cats.ucsc.eduorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Sherril (Abrell) Wallace  CA Tracy swallace@vornet.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)   (or
Tom and
CA,  Carlsbad tabrell@qualcomm.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte) orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Joe FL Miami JoeNoir@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Shawn FL
Greg FL Ft. Myers error with: 
Bob Lewis with Judy Ann and daughters Andrea Nicole and Erica Megan IL Chicago Rabrell@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Lane, son of JoAnn IL   New Lenox  error with: orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Matthias  IL Chicago
icq 7783485
Emma IN
Cary L.  IN Indianapolis Clnascar24@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Clay IN   error with:
J. David IN Indianapolis DSABRELL2@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
icq 8517633 
Jeffrey Clay with Amanda K. IN Terre Haute AbrellJ@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
and daughter Jessica Hack-Abrell 
error with: orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Jennifer J. IN Muncie
Joshua IN Elkhart
Brian IN Yorktown error 
Shane, son of Rick IN Terre Haute 
AOL Rusttoy
Shelly, daughter of Rick IN Terre Haute orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Rick and Kathy IN Terre Haute
AOL AbrellR
AOL AbrellK
Chris KY Bowling Green,
Jack MD Frederick error with: orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Sarah Elizabeth OH   formerly: sabrell@wilmington.eduorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
icq 6099623
Pat, born Abrell and Bill Kixmiller NC Asheville Bill: orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Steve with Kathy, and son Kyle OH Cincinnati KAbrell@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Tom with Jennifer OH Cincinnati tjabrell@tigerpaw.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Pamela (Abrell) Widmer OR  orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Peter TN Kingsport error with:
Paul C. TX El Paso abrellp@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Douglas VA  ?
Jennifer Renee' (Abrell) Martins VA Dumfries Jnjmar@aol.comorangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Donald Abrell VA Dumfries
Larry with Barbara and 


VA Winchester orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
icq 17266021
Amanda (Mandy)at college:
icq 9856917
Paul     error with:
E..?      error with:
Shane IN West Central
 Heather " YOSHI " Gregory married to an Abrell IN Terre Haute 
AOL Milk82
Julie Abrell Messplay orangblt.gif (324 Byte)
Karen Abrell
State Abbreviations:
California-CA  Connecticut-CT  Florida-FL  Illinois-IL  Indiana-IN Kentucky-KY
Maryland-MD  Ohio-OH  Tennessee-TN

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